Please find below some information for athlets.
Inscription / Registration

The fee for athletes is €50 or CHF 60.- and includes entry fee, beverages and provisions (fruits & soup) in the isolation tent and free entry to the parties & concerts. More infos:


New: For Lead & Speed Women and Men each:

1. Place - Lead 1000 Euro
2. Place - Lead  750 Euro

3. Place - Lead  500 Euro

4. Place - Lead  300 Euro

5. Place - Lead  200 Euro

6. Place - Lead  100 Euro

Total Pricemoney 11'400 Euro



Special accommodation offers can be found here (only valid for athletes/coaches!). There you can find all hotels and apartments in the Saas Valley that offer special prices for all participants of the competition. Please notice that the tourist office does not book any accommodations, you have to do it by yourself. The offers are only valid for athletes and coaches, not for friends and family. The hotels are allowed to charge the normal price if we see that other people besides athletes and coaches booked those rooms!

Location Climbing Arena


All climbing competitions, the briefing for athletes and coaches, the drawing of starting numbers and "The ICE Party" will take place on floor U10 @ the climbing area in the Parking garage from Saas-Fee.